The Most Offensive Bingo You'll Ever Play... 

This ain't your granny's bingo baby!  Well, unless you've got one of those grandmothers that smokes, drinks, blurts out the N-word like it's no big deal and cusses like a sailor.. then maybe.. maybe it is. In fact, she sounds pretty cool.

You should bring her.

Get The Answers:
1. Five Straight Across, Five Straight Down, or Five Diagonally Through The Middle of the Card
2. And it's BITCH!, not BINGO! 

*may also include drinking, swearing, brief nudity, groping, taking the lord's name in vain, genetically modified organisms -and- organs, artificial flavors, colors, and personalities.  


Crazy Bitch Bingo!™ is always free to play, and none of our venues charge a cover. Ever.  All you need to do is show up, order a drink,  maybe have something to eat, and have fun.  That's it!  There are three rounds with a winner for each round. Prizes vary depending on the venue (see our Locations page for details.)  We've performed this game... everywhere!  Crazy Bitch Bingo!™ adds venues and moves around throughout the seasons but is parked at Las Margaritas every Thursday night!  We've been in nicer restaurants like Dolce and Geisha House, and even dirty bars in other states that we don't talk about through the advice of our therapist.  We've performed for a few Fortune 100 Companies and even smarty-pants schools like Emory University. There are many copy-cat games out there, but none compare to the original Crazy Bitch Bingo!™


Ahh yes.. the disclaimer.  Every night, before the game begins, we play the disclaimer.  Why?  Because for some reason it's necessary.  Sure, we get offensive.  We tell jokes.  We make fun of people.  You did notice the word BITCH in our title, right?  It all boils down to this:  We do our thing so, for two short hours out of your week, you can escape that boring corporate job eating at your soul, have a drink, relax, and laugh your ass off.

Now that that's out of the way... come see what the fuss is about.  Head over to the Locations/Reservations page and see where we are this week!

Oh Yeah... Kinky Karaoke and Videos...

Kinky Karaoke is a part of Round three.  Some people like to practice.  Here's a link to some of our songs available during the game.  We'd advise against playing these at work.  Your office probably isn't as cool as ours.


This Ain't Your Granny's Bingo, Honey!

Crazy Bitch Bingo!™ began in April of 2008 at Joe's On Juniper in Atlanta, Georgia and, while the game has been retired there, it's still going strong in other venues around town.  Created by Bryen Christopher, the game sets out to test your knowledge of TV Shows, Movies, Music, and Pop Culture, while providing plenty of moments to laugh, sing, and even gasp.    Come meet our hilarious new hosts too!