This page features Bryan Snyder.  Why?  Because the rest of us have been either too drunk or too lazy to get our bios together...

Bryan Snyder

On a hot summer afternoon in Miami, Florida some years ago, Bryan refused to slide down his mother’s birth canal, and demanded to be airlifted from her ovarian Bastille.  We should’ve known right then and there what we were in store for…..

Several years after his womb liberation, Bryan would spend his childhood on the mean streets of East Cobb County in Marietta. It was the typical upper-middle class American life that inspires ISIS to make those YouTube videos.

Bryan then went on an extended tour of duty as a Frat boy at The University of Georgia, which was mostly a blur of football games, Polo shirts, penny loafers without socks, Sorostitutes, $15 bar tabs, beer pong, flip cup, and the occasional class here and there, before leaving with his degree.

In the winter of 2007, Bryan walked through the doors of Atlanta’s award-winning improv comedy theater:  Whole World Theatre.  For the next 8 years, Bryan would learn the fine art of improv comedy, and entertain live audiences each and every week until his “retirement” in June of 2015.

Bryan has a quick wit and even sharper tongue.  He cannot be bargained with, he cannot be reasoned with, and he will not stop, until he is sure everyone is entertained.  Do not attempt to outwit him, or you will feel more shame than a Southern Baptist caught on Grindr.

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